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Welcome to Faith Tabernacle

Champions of Faith Ministries International known as Faith Tabernacle is a Holy Spirit led Pentecostal Charismatic church headquartered in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Faith Tabernacle is a multicultural and multiracial church that caters for all people from all walks of life of any race, language and colour.

It is led by God's humble servant Senior Pastor Michael Otuu who is the the Founder and President. By God's grace the Man of God have steered this church to tremendous growth and spiritual strength of the congregants that it has become the church of choice for many.

For discipleship, mentorship, every spiritual counselling and deliverance do not hesitate to get in touch. You can also partner just get in touch.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to make disciples of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to everyone that believes irrespective of colour, race, culture, personality or religion. Giving people eternal life, preparing them for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Providing a spiritual family of our members here on earth that Love, Care, Share, Celebrate and Fellowship with one another. To prepare you for the work of the Ministry and to celebrate by creating positive impact.

Our Mission Mandate

To preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus with power, prosperity, healing, salvation, hope, holiness, grace, favour, resurrection wholeness, redemption, forgiveness, deliverance to our dying world.

Our Purpose

To raise and women of influence that will serve God with their finances and influence which will help transform the society.

A Sneek Peek Inside Our Church

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Men's Fellowship

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Women's Ministry

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Worship Department

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Sunday School

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We worship a wonder working God of Restoration

Faith. Expectation. Reality.

Faith Tabernacle is a place where we experience worship, prayer, deliverance and undiluted Word of God and where we hear God's prophetic declaration through His Servant the Prophet.

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What To Expect…

At Faith Tabernacle we see the Hand of God Operating through His Servant the Prophet..

When you come to God's presence you will not depart empty handed but God always has something for you and it is in His Spirit that He avails Himself and His gifts at Faith Tabernacle where you encounter;

  • Prophetic Declarations
  • Healing
  • Deliverance
  • Divine Direction
  • Prophecy
  • Motivational Word
  • Deep Praise & Worship
  • Fellowship with Love
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Our Selected Works

God works through us in various mysterious ways! These are the selected works of God's servant the prophet...

My Assignment: Purpose and Destiny
Author: Michael C. Otuu

To discover and to release God given purpose and assignment in your life and destiny. 

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Author: Michael C. Otuu

To be obsessed with the vision and the purpose of God upon your life knowing that you are not living to exist but living for a purpose.

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Destiny Encounter
Author: Michael C. Otuu

Having full knowledge & revelation of whom God is and encountering His grace in your life & making full proof of Him. When purpose is not understood abuse is inevitable

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